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I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself so I'll try and keep this short.

Ever since a young age I was fascinated with looking through old family photographs. I loved the stories behind the old pictures, the memories it would spark, the way the scenes captured a point in time and outlived those within the pictures themselves. In my photography I hope to be able to document the beauty of the outdoors, hopefully convince people to respect the world. Over time my goal has been to capture simple, structured and calm images of nature. No photoshop, no fake images and minimal editing. Document peoples lives and to experience and document as much of this beautiful world as I can, preferably by foot and in the mountains. Build peoples self esteem through photography and create memories that will long outlive me.

I;ve always been an outdoorsy person and connected to my environment in some way. Always playing sports as a kid, kayaking, skydiving, riding motorcycles, working out, scuba diving, BASE jumping. I think some thing in me was always searching for something more. A deeper connnection to this place I call home. To experience things fully and to the extreme.

While shooting it's truly one the the few things in my life I can say I'm IN the moment and enjoy every second of it. A truly zen state. My hope is to be able to convey this feeling, bring you along for the ride and see what I saw, and felt what I felt at each location.

I hope you enjoy the images within this space. I would be honored if you choose to hang my pictures upon you walls and I can share these memories with you.



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